3.5kVA 48V Genus Inverter


The 3.5kVA Genus Inverter stands out in it’s excellent performance, and a reliable pure sine wave power output. It is a great a great backup for the grid energy for homes and businesses. The 3.5kVA inverter can support a wide range of appliances ranging from air conditioner(s), refrigerators, televisions, medical diagnostic equipment, Desktop PCs, inkjet printer etc.

The Genus 3.5kVA Inverter has a rapid automatic transfer switch ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Genus Inverter is also designed to withstand rugged use for countries with a lack of continuous energy supply.

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eatures of the Genus 3.5kVA Inverter:
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • State-of-the-art MOSFET/IGBT Based PWM Technology.
  • Quiet operation of AC Motors & Fans.
  • Deep Discharge Battery Charging.
  • Low Battery Indication & Cut Off.
  • Extended Back Up and Battery Life.
  • Maximum Protection to your equipment.
  • User Friendly LCD display.
  • Virtually Noiseless Operation.

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