Eastman 12V 200AH Tubular Inverter Battery


  • Eastman Tubular Inverter Battery 200AH/12V is a rugged brand of inverter battery with higher power density. A special assembly technology is used to enhance power density to a considerable level.
  • Eastman Tall Tubular Battery offers dependable solution for any power backup storage systems particularly for home, hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets and offices inverter/solar power solutions.  Eastman Tubular Battery is designed to withstand heavy duty usage. The Eastman Tubular Battery is one of the leading brands in the World today.
  • Eastman one the most trusted name in tubular battery technology offers you infinite power source for the most demanding applications. Eastman offers the world-class quality technology, it also offers you corrosion resistant and highly durable functionality that are designed to enhance the quality of life with incredible possibilities.
  • Eastman tubular batteries require low water top up and have a life expectancy of up to 5-6 years. From household application to industrial use these batteries will run for a long time and power your respective homes and various businesses.
  • Eastman 200AH/12V Tubular Inverter Battery is specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability.

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  • High acid volume per ampere hour
  • Quick charge acceptance and retention of charge
  • Unique tubular/flat positive plates that are designed for longer life
  • Less corrosion and high life that leads to excellent performance
  • Suitability for frequent power cuts
  • Eco-friendly aqua trap vent plugs to ensure no acid fume
  • Superior active material for best performance
  • Special alloy for low maintenance of the battery
  • Fast charging and easy recovery from deep discharge
  • Highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions
  • High impact polypropylene cases for better durability\
  • High-quality paste mix for negative plates.
  • More than 95% adherence to PAM vs NAM ratio
  • 99.99% filled weight consistency.
  • 100% automated curing and charging set-up
  • High charge acceptance due to the usage of quality per separator

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